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Welcome to Nutty Fruitcake!

It's been a long time since my last update, I know. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I'm not sure I can upload today all the pictures I've taken in the past few months but I'll try. I just hope to find a way to update this website while I'm travelling. If not you'll hear me via email, ok? Have a very good summer!

::last updated June 27th 2005::  

I hope you're well and had time to ralax during the past weekend.
I have updates for you. In the left menu you'll find a next to the parts I've just added. Hope you like them!
I'm still waiting for your comments and suggestions! Come on! =)
Have a nice week!

::last updated February 27th 2005::  

Hey! This is the first day of Nuttyfruitcake online and after a couple of hours there were more than 100 hits already! Thank you everybody!

::last updated February 7th 2005::  

It took me such a long time to update and upload this website and I'm still working on it to create some other pages and add new and old pictures. I hope that you like it and come back regularly.
For suggestions, complaints or comments just drop me a line using the link at the bottom of this page

Thank you and enjoy it!


::last updated February 1st 2005::  

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